Every place you go across the globe, there will be some haunted places. Some of them are real while others are just a mere hype. These spots or buildings have become a place of visit for the tourists in the broad daylight. But there are places where even the government officials do not let the tourists go near and they cordon off the area for security purpose.

Today, we are going to look at the top ten most haunted places on Earth.

10. Moundsville, West Virginia
Moundsville, West VirginiaThere is a prison in Moundsville. The criminals who used to commit serious and grave crimes were put in that prison and there were not given any food or other necessities for days. This type of punishment was meant for criminals to correct themselves and in the process, many died of starvation or heart attack due to darkness. The prison was closed down in 1995 because many have complained about spirits of the dead ones roaming inside it.

9. The Island Of Dolls
The Island Of DollsThis is quite a weird place in Mexico where the trees have dolls’ heads on them. People staying in nearby places say that it is a natural process and the trees themselves grow the dolls. Such trees were cut down but the new trees show the same astonishing feature. It is said that a little girl was murdered there and since then such weird things can be noticed.

8. Monte Cristo Homestead
Monte Cristo HomesteadIt is the most haunted place in Australia and it has endlessly haunted incidents that have claimed multiple lives under weird circumstances. After its construction, Crawley family used to stay there and a young child from their family was dropped from the stair, a maid was pushed from the balcony, a boy was suddenly burnt to dead. No one dares to go near it.

7. The Tower Of London
The Tower Of LondonOne of the famous yet haunted places in the UK where the beheaded body of the wife of King Henry VIII can be seen at times. Apart from that, there are reports of other apparitions by the guardsmen. There are also witnesses who claim to see two mysterious kids appearing with horror faces.

6. Pluckley, Kent
Pluckley, KentThe entire village of Britain is considered to be haunted. Previously, it used to be a usual place of living for hundreds of people and with time, the population decreased as people started moving out of the village. People who are staying in nearby colonies say that they can hear scary cries and loud noises at night. The area is restricted for the tourists.

5. Fort George, Canada
Fort George, CanadaIt is the most haunted historic place in Canada. There are hundreds of reports of ghost and apparition sightings. The visitors, as well as the staff, have reported them. They saw a uniform soldier walking and vanish into thin air, old woman, men in a red cloak in mirrors. There are a few video tapings of misty figures roaming around.

4. Aokigahara, Japan
Aokigahara, JapanThere is a forest in that place in Japan where hundreds of people commit suicide every year. It has become a tradition and place to commit suicide. For obvious reason, the place is haunted and some people claim that it is due to the haunted nature and evil spirit that it draws people to commit suicide there.

3. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida
St. Augustine Lighthouse, FloridaThis lighthouse and museum and its surrounding buildings are all haunted. There are several reports by the visitors and staff of scary ghosts appearing from nowhere. They have seen men and women walking, their voices can be heard, their footsteps can be heard and much more. There are many video tapings of different such incidents.

2. The White House, USA
The White House, USAOne of the most famous buildings in the world has been a haunting place though no harm has been reported. There are many people of high status who reported seeing the apparition of Abraham Lincoln such as Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt and more. There are reports of voices, screams, and knocks that notable guests have been witnesses of.

1. Helltown
HelltownHelltown of Ohio is the scariest place of them all. The site was bought out and the houses were brought down to make an amusement park. But it is said the construction could not be completed because of the ghosts present in the area. The ghosts are alleged to be the owners of those houses that were brought down. The area is protected and no one is allowed to enter. Some ghost-hunters are reported to be dead who stayed in the area.

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