When it comes to being the most intelligent creature on the entire planet, human beings wear the crown proudly. No other creature discovered so far is so advanced in intelligence like humans but there are some creatures who are not too far behind from human beings.

Today, we will take a look at them and what they can potentially do that human beings simply cannot.

10. Crows
CrowsCrows have the largest brain of all the bird species. They use various tools like rocks, pebbles, and nuts to protect themselves and to find food. They are intelligent enough to drop pebbles in a gathering of birds and then snatch the food when the birds fly away. They can remember faces of human beings and their previous actions.

9. Ants
AntsThey are highly intelligent and their system of interaction and communication is fascinating, to say the least. There are so many species available and they are present from the dinosaur era. They are the ones who first started farming. They live in colonies and they have an amazing chemical identity for each colony. The way one ant lays trails for the other ants to follow shows their intelligence.

8. Octopus
OctopusThey are the most intelligent creature among invertebrates. They can use tools efficiently. They have an awesome power to sense the enemies and locate food. It can release a fluid when it realizes that it has been spotted by an enemy. The fluid disables the power of smelling in surrounding enemies. They also change their body shape to adapt to the surrounding when attacked.

7. Elephants
ElephantsThey have the largest brain of all land animals. They are very intelligent and social. They have a range of emotions and they can learn new things like gesture, symbols very easily. They can understand the age and gender of a human being by his or her voice.

6. Pigs
PigsResearch shows that matured pigs have intelligence like human babies. They can adapt themselves according to the surrounding and they can learn new things in a short time. They can locate objects easily and have very strong memory. They do everything in a group and it makes them the best social animal.

5. Dogs
DogsThey are extremely loyal and social. It is said that they have intelligence just like human babies. They have great learning abilities, smelling abilities and great understanding power. They can identify a million types of smells something that human brain is incapable of. They can do various activities with tools.

4. Whales
WhalesWhales are dangerous and smart. They are pretty much like dolphins and sperm whales have the biggest brain in the world. They can communicate through sound, body language, and visual gesture, imitate gestures, make strategies to hunt in groups, and are extremely social just like human beings. They have awesome memory power and learn thousands of words, gestures, and sounds.

3. Parrots
ParrotsThey are the most intelligent bird of them all. Those who have them as pets know that they can do almost anything you teach them. They can identify colors and objects, do mathematics, answer questions, solve puzzles, use tools and some can even read letters. They have this amazing quality of mimicry and excellent memory power.

2. Dolphins
DolphinsApart from being one of the most beautiful creatures on planet Earth, they are very intelligent as well. As a matter of fact, human beings use their intelligence to solve mysteries in water bodies. They have a big sized brain and have tremendous learning capabilities. They can express different emotions and they are the only creature to use 20% of their brain.

1. Chimpanzees
ChimpanzeesAccordingly to several scientific theories, human beings are a direct derivation of the chimpanzees. They are very much like human beings when it comes to expressing emotions, have a good social life, learning new things, making tools and strategies for various circumstances and great communication skills. They can plan their future, manipulate one another and at times make a fool of human beings as well.


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