Smoking is injurious to health, it is the great slogan chanted all over the world. It is not shown that how much is it effective. But a fact is that it makes the effect in one’s health who smokes it. Are you unknowingly smoking the cigarette? Then you must read this article.

Here are the 10 important things you should know before you smoke your next cigarette.

1. Just only in the United States, the record shows that 8.6 million people are living with different kinds of serious illness which are related to smoking.

2. There are millions of people do smoke for any cause. As there is the great demand of cigarette United States in 2013 was able to collect $25 billion by just selling tobacco and only spent 2% of this revenue on awareness and control program of tobacco.

3. It is weird to know that tobacco companies themselves pay the most for awareness program for anti-smoking programs. This is because of the legal compel to them. In front of their earning the expenditure is nothing for them because the awareness program has not made a huge impact on smoking habit of people.

4. Did you know that your hair grows gray faster if you are chain smoker? Yes, this is truly revealed by researchers. It is found that the chemical contained in cigarette helps to make your hair become gray faster than the normal time. So think if you really want to look older in your young stage of life because of just smoking.

5. Another heart touching fact is that due to smoking mother leads to a death of 1000 infant every year. The women who have a bad habit of smoking during her pregnancy then she risks her child to death. This is the misery but is bitter truth to the society. Still, it has not decreased due to their risky behavior of smoking cigarette.

6. Not only smoking directly lets you expose in serious illness related to smoking. But the experiment shows that second-hand smoking is too dangerous which may lead to diseases like asthma, infections etc.

7. Just in the Unites States, only more than 50,000 people gets killed early due to second-hand smoking. Those lives are infected without any risky behavior instead of others fault they get killed.

8. Hospitals records show that those who have smoking habit have a risk of heart attack. And this increases for 400% than for the normal person. So, smoking the cigarette may make you another victim of heart attack.

9. It has been found that every day 4000 of teenagers start their smoking by lighting up their first cigarette in life. This has been increasing more and number of patients related to the illness of smoking.

10. Last but not the least; single cigarette contains more than 4000 different types of harmful chemicals which are responsible for causing cancer.So, these are the 10 Important Things You Should Know Before Smoking Your Next Cigarette you must know. Be careful and look before you leap. Think twice before you light up your next cigarette and think of these facts you have just read above.


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