Torture is the act of making harm by inflicting severe physical and psychological pain which possibly may cause injury. Though today it is completely not in existence such brutal torture providing in the world but in history it had great influence.

Most Brutal Torture Techniques

There were any most brutal torture techniques in existence to punish and torture people. Among the many torture techniques, this article brings you the most brutal torture techniques. These torture techniques today also make anyone’s mind in fear.


This torture technique was used by letting the convicted person sit in the tub with the head sticking out of the tub. Later milk and honey were painted on the face and left in open. Flies, maggots, and worms would make the person as prey and let decay alive in the tub.

the tub


It also had the name “silican bull”. It was designed in the ancient Greece. In this torture technique, solid piece of brass was used with one end open. The person whom to be tortured used to be kept inside the bull and it was fired under it till the metal became yellow. It led the victim to be roasted inside it by screaming with pain.


It was very brutal torture technique because the victim uses to sit on the sharp pole. As the pole is raised, it brings victim slide down and it kills him brutally. It has been most popular torture technique in ancient time.


It is very tricky and technical torture technique. In this method, a fork is used which has very sharp ends and kept around a neck. As the victim put the head down the throat is pierced with it. This is taken has very brutal technique because it takes a longer time to kill the victim but gives torture for a long time.


In this option of torture technique, a ring is used which consist of several needles like sharp pins all around the ring. As the victim moves the head and neck the pin pierces the throat and death are there.


By the name itself, it reveals what it does. It uses sprinkler which sprinkles oil or hot water on the stomach of the victim. This makes great pain on the victim which proves it as the great brutal torture technique.




It consists an iron cabinet with the parts like hinge front and the spike covered in the interior. It has very less space. The victim will be congested and cannot move due to spikes from many directions. One move lets to piercing by several spikes inside it.


#8 The Rack

How does the feeling that you are going to split in two part? Is great sound to you? The rack, It is a table sort of things with some pointed nails. The victim has to lay down on it, with his wrists tied above his head to the table with rope, and his feet at the other end. The people who were torturing, tightened the tension in the rope, resulting in godawful sounds from ligaments snapping by stretching, and eventually your limbs ripped from your body after few minutes of starting the process.
The Rack

#9 The Head Crusher

The head crusher comprised of a metal plate placed on a bottom bar for the head,which was under a cap size metal for best fit. The torturer then would turn a screw to pushing the cap down and bringing the victim’s head closer and closer to the bottom bar of equipment. Teeth shattered (OOPss! No flossing!!), and the victim died slowly with agonizing pain,  you were conscious while your eyes popped out of your skull. Yeah, I know, you shocked with this torture and have you imagine this?
The Head Crusher

#10 Flaying

At last,We all know snakes among other animals, a snake can shed their skin after some day regularly. This was a torture method that allows people to shed their skin as well by their own. This method of torture was used thousands of years ago on witches , captured soldiers, and to execute criminals for sins ding by them. In another method, Victim’s hands were tied above their head and the torturer cut off all his skin with a knife slowly slowly, starting in the face.

There were several types of brutal torture techniques in existence in ancient time. These are not in existence nowadays though torturing has not gone so far from the world.

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