We all do see dreams every single night but do we have any idea about our dreams? What are they about, where do they come from, their meaning, controlling and interpreting them.
Dreaming is the mysterious and exciting experience of our lives but we have never thought of it in a serious way.
In the Roman Era, dreams were treated as the messages from God that are why they were given to roman senate to interpret them and analyze the hidden message. For dreamers, there is another state in their dreams, we see the impossible things and another reality.The images in the dreams are quite vivid that we forgot then when to wake up, dreams give us a relief or it can give us a greater disappointment.When you are in asleep, your brain is much active throughout the night which can produce vibrant images or sometimes the haunting images; what we consider as dreams and nightmares.There are many interesting facts we need to know about dreaming, in this post, we are going to tell you about your dreams. Don’t get shocked!

1. Blind People also Dreams

Most Interesting Facts About DreamsA blind person from birth cannot see dreams but he can have dreams in their own sense of sound, smell, emotion and touch. A person who became blind after the birth can see images in dreams.

2. Men and Women Dreams Differently

Men and Women dreams differentlyMost men dream about another man, around 70% of people in a men dreams are other men. Woman’s dreams contain an equal number of men and women, men dream more about aggressive emotions rather than women.

3. Dreaming Helps You Learn

Dreaming helps you learnIf you are preparing for a test and for a new task, you would want to take a nap or a heading to bed early rather spending your time on a book. Researchers say that dreams are the way of brain’s processing which integrates and understands new information.

4. Women Experience More Nightmares than Men

 According to the psychologist, women tends to have more nightmares than men which were also reported as more emotionally intense.

5. Animals Dream Too

Animals have same brain waves during dreams as humans. You can notice the animals if you have a pet with you, they make yipping sounds while sleeping as if they are chasing someone.

6. Emotions

EmotionsYou see more dreams related to anxiety, dreams are more of the negative thoughts than positive ones.

7. Familiarity

FamiliarityYou forget the people you see in your dreams. Though person only dreams of those people he/she has met in life but it is not possible to remember every face.

8. Memory Limit

Memory Limit

9. Dream Can be Remembered

A dream can be remembered for just a time being, you will forget the dream in no more than 10 minutes.  These were some interesting information about the dreams.

10. Cold Room Caused Nightmares

If you are sleeping in a cold room, it is possible to have more nightmares. The more the cold room, the more chance of having a nightmare.

Now We will tell you some Interesting Facts about it.

  • Dreams disclose those feelings we have avoided from times, dreams are the replication of our unconscious mind, our emotional truth.
  • If you see naked yourself in your dream, it is a sign of feeling ashamed or it also denotes a desire for freedom or being creative.
  • The average person sees 4 dreams per night that make 1460 dreams a year.
  • You cannot snore and dream simultaneously.
  • You are paralyzed when you sleep and dream.
  • You are paralyzed when you sleep and dream.
  • The longest dreams continuing for 30-45 minutes can only occur in the morning.
  • If you see chocolate in your dream that means you need a special treatment or is expecting to be rewarded.
  • If you see feet in your dreams, it represents
  • If you see feet in your dreams, it represents the sign of humiliation or sex and it can also denote freedom and mobility.
  • People can dream themselves in totally different looks, an example they can see their selves as having long hair layers, whitish face. Actually, as you do imagine yourself can come as a dream to you.


  • Dreams make you more creative. Your dreams can be responsible for the new inventions.
  • Not all the people do dream in color, 12% of the people dreams in black and white.
  • Many people try to sleep again to complete their dream.
  • People also dreams about the thing which has happened to them.
  • Babies don’t dream until the age of 3.
  • The pregnant woman tends to remember the dream more than other women because of hormonal changes during pregnancy.

These were some of the interesting facts of your dreams.

  • Do you have any idea about seeing different things in your dreams? What do they mean? We are here to also tell you that.
  • If you dream of a baby, it means to get a new idea, might be a new project at work or a new assignment in your college.
  • If you dream about falling, it symbolizes your anxieties about letting go or failing after a success.
  • If you dream about losing your teeth, represents your fear of being old and unattractive to others.
  • If you dream about being chased, it is a common symbol which represents that you’re being threatened with your real life.
  • Most people have no idea about their dreams so above are some of the things you might not have known before.


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