Nowadays the biggest Mystery murder case is Sheena murder case. So today I am going tp write something about this murder case.What exactly happen on 24th April 2012 still not known perfectly. Main accused, in this case, is Indrani Mukherjee , driver Shyam Rai and her second husband Sanjeev Khanna.Mumbai police still investing lots of question and founds some answer but still some question still unanswered so I am going to tell you Top 10 unanswered questions which are :

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#1 : Just after Indrani Mukerjea was arrested on Monday,Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea said that he had believed her assertion that Sheena Bora and Mikhail Bora were her siblings in her statement. On Thursday, Peter Mukerjea told to media Sheena had told him in 2011 that she was Indrani’s daughter but this was denied by his wife Indrani. What was the reason for this turnaround?

#2 : The day was April 24, 2012, when Sheena went missing , some of her closest friends did try to locate her in many places. How come no one raised voice for this? Why did everyone accept Indrani’s explanation that she had gone to the US for her higher studies even though there was no update of Sheena’s social media page since 2011 and no contact with her?

#3. Peter Mukerjea’s only son Rahul, who was in a relationship with Sheena from some days that was opposed by Indrani (Sheena’s Mother), has said he received a MESSAGE from Sheena’s mobile number a couple of days after she went missing suddenly. Who sent this text message?

#4. Why did Peter dismiss his son Rahul’s confusion that there was “something fishy” about Indrani’s claim that Sheena had gone for higher studies in the US? Why did he also decline Rahul’s confusion that Sheena was Indrani’s daughter?

#5. Sheena had taken some urgent leave of absence from Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) to her employer, in April 2012. And MMOPL received her resignation, While she was on leave, This resignation was apparently sent after her murder on 24th April. Now the question is Who sent this resignation to MMOPL?

#6. Sheena’s younger brother Mikhail says she was “everything” for him and that they “shared all our feelings” between each other. rather this closeness between each other, why did he gamely accept his mother Indrani’s excuses for three years that Sheena had gone to the US for higher studies even though there was no proof that she had gone abroad, no visa document , no boarding pass on Sheena’s name?

#7. Who is the father of two children of Indrani , Sheena, and Mikhail? Are they the same man or do they have different fathers? Don’t know. And was Peter Mukerjea Indrani’s fifth husband, as some sections of the media in Assam have claimed?


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