Fame is for not everyone, even if they have changed the world with their good deeds. Many people are chasing the same goals, where some succeed and only very few get the recognition. Mainly the bad timing of their invention or the invention those were overlooked has made some great peoples vanish in the history.

Those inventions that were ignored that time have now changed the world. Among them, some of them have successfully landed on the list of 10 People you’ve never heard Of Who Changed the World.

1. Television Visionary – Philo Farnsworth

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An American inventor, Philo Taylor Farnsworth was a television pioneer. He was the first person, who first demonstrated the working example of “image dissector”. He is also known for the many crucial contributions that he has made in the initial phase of television development.

2. Darwin’s Predecessor – Alfred Russel Wallace

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Being a British naturalist, geographer, and biologist, he is well known for the conceiving theory of evolution through natural selection. In 1858, his papers were published jointly with the writings of Charles’s Darwin which helped Darwin to publish his own ideas On the Origin of Species.

3. Female Pilot – Amy Johnson

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When the world was talking about Amelia Earhart and her achievements, Amy was the first female pilot to fly alone to Australia from Britain. In 1930’s, she had made many records on flying long distance sometimes solo and sometimes with her husband. She has also flown in Second World War and died during the Gerry flight.

4. Ace Fighter Pilot – Lothar Von Richthofen

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During First World War, Lothar Von was credited as the Ace Pilot with 40 victories. He has shot down 40 aircraft during his career. He has also the pedestrian career after the war. He was the younger brother of Manfred von Richthofen known as the Red Baron.

5. Fearless Flyers – John Alcock and Arthur Brown

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They were the first people to make the first transatlantic flight in 1919. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean in less than 72hrs, and for that, they were presented by the Daily Mail prize by the Secretary of State for Air.

6. Hitler’s Mentor – Anton Drexler

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In 1920’s, he was a German political leader who was the key person for forming the anti-Semitic Workers party which later become the Nazi Party. He not only looks like Hitler, he was the always there to mentor him for day to day politics.

7. Aviation Pioneer – Gustave Whitehead

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Born in Germany, Gustave Albin Whitehead was the aviation pioneer who later on migrated to the US. He had designed and built different flying machined, gliders along with engines from 1897 to 1915. He also claims that he had flown the machine several times before Wright Brother.

8. Extraordinary Inventor – Kia Silverbrook

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He is known for being the most prolific inventor. He is also known for his serial entrepreneurship and has founded different companies. He has also developed different products such as computer graphics, LCDs, internet software, photovoltaic solar cells and much more.

9. Father of the Phone – Elisha Gray

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Elisha was an American national who founded the Western Electric Manufacturing Company. He is well known for the development of the telephone prototype in 1876. Recent days there is an argument going on to consider him as the true inventor of the telephone.

10. War Civil Hero – Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

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Being a college professor, he ran away to join the Union Army. At the time of Gettysburg battle, he earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for successfully defending the hill which he was in charge of.


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