A currency is nothing but the money which also known as a medium of exchange from one place to another for transactions between an individual and business.

So here I am going to write about World’s Top 10 strongest Currencies.

10. Corona Norway

On the number 10, spot in this List is the currency of Norway, the Corona, which has made it among the main 10 in light of the fact that Norway is the main exporter of oil and metals, especially steel.

9. Hong Kong Dollar

The following section on the list of leading world monetary standards is Hong Kong Dollar. Hong Kong is developing a noteworthy economy, with the vicinity of some leading banks and organizations, other than being a focal point of universal delivery exchange.

8. Swedish Crown

Another well-known money is the Swedish Crown, the credit for which goes to the way that Sweden is a steady economy, because of being driving maker of steel and palladium, which is a valuable metal. Thus, it has earned a spot on the list of main 10 currencies on the planet.

7. Canadian Dollar

Highlighting next on this list of Top 10 currencies is the Canadian Dollar, which is included in the offer of items to enormous markets in the Central American and Caribbean nations, making its money a popular one. In connection to the USA, 0.92 Canadian Dollars break even with 1 USD.

6. Australian Dollar

Another currency making it to the list of Top 10 currencies on the planet is the Australian Dollar, which has picked up stimulus in the later times because of the nation being included heavily on special and exchanging of items with nations like India and China.

5. Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc is another prominent cash, which was generally utilized amid the World Wars I and II. The significance of this cash can be judged from the way that it was convertible into gold till 2003, and even today, it is a standout amongst the most stable amongst all the world currencies.

4. Sterling

Next on the list of prominent currencies on the planet is the official cash of UK, the Pound Sterling, which had been a standout amongst the most utilized currencies everywhere throughout the globe all through the time of the nineteenth and twentieth century. At present, a pound is proportional to $ 1.60, which makes it an in number coin in examination with US Dollar.

3. Japanese Yen

Taking after nearly is the Japanese Yen, which is the main currency in the Asian countries, especially in developing economies like North Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam. Since Japanese economy is a quickly dynamic economy with great business strategies, this cash is in the Top 10 list of world currencies.


On number 2 in the list of top 10 currencies on the planet is the Euro, which likewise has the biggest measure of trade outflow far and wide at present, almost 751,000 million Euros. The quality of this money is its wide utilization, over all the major European countries, which wins it this spot on the rundown.

1. US Dollar

The US Dollar is the most exchanged currency on the planet, which is utilized as a solitary money for universal exchanges everywhere throughout the world. The use of this currency as the base money has been done after the Treaty of Bretton Woods was marked in 1944, after the Second World War.

The credit of these currencies being on this Top 10 list goes to the way that every one of the economies are quickly prospering similarly as exchange and fares are concerned.


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