Table manners are known as the rule of etiquette which is a manner used while eating which includes the right use of utensils. According to the cultures from the different background, they are observed with different rules for table manners.

As we know, women love guys with right manner. Proper manner is important while you go on the date because being handsome with loads of money only doesn’t work. While a guy goes on a date they need to know how to properly behave at the table, on the street, in the business meeting or it can be said anywhere there is the presence of social interaction.

Hence, here is an article on how to behave properly at the table on a date. It doesn’t matter whether you are at a fancy restaurant or a local dinner or you are invited as the guest at your friend’s place you need to apply the given table manner:

1. Once you start eating you should remember you should never leave your spoon, fork or knife on the table. Their places are not on the table but on the plate.

2. If you are having the pause between your bites remember you should probably leave your knife and fork on the plate in ‘X’ position. If you find it is easier to remember, you can also place your fork on the position of ‘8 o’clock; and the knife you used to the position of ‘4 o’clock’. With the help of this position waiter with getting a clue that is finished with you eating.

3. Once you are done with each course of your knife, with the blade turned in and fork placed beside each etiquette on the plate diagonally from upper left to lower right at 10 to 5 o’clock.

4. Remember you should hold a fork in your left hand while knife in a right hand. This is known as the European way. With the help of this method at the US, people use it to cut, for example, meat. Once they cut the meat they switch the fork to the right hand to eat it. To be more practical you need to stick to European way.

5. If you are seated make sure you place the napkin on your lap. You should never blow nose on a napkin.

6. If you are done with your meal, place your napkin to the left side of the plate. You should never put it on a plate.

7. If you want to leave the table for a while, place the napkin on the chair.

8. Cut one piece of meat to eat at a time.

9. Not to take a big piece and do not talk with your full mouth.

10. While you eat your soup. Tip the bowl away and scoop the soup up with the help of your spoon.

11. Take the soup from the side of the spoon always.

12. To drink first you need to wait until you are done with chewing.

13. Don’t slouch and don’t place elbows on the table while eating, It is okay to prop your elbows while conversation.

14. As dinner is a social gathering you don’t need to hurry.

15. You need to use your utensils from the outside in. The fork farthest to the outside used is the one that needs to be used for the appetizer. When their comes next part of your meal, use another outermost fork and so goes on. The Same process goes for the spoons and knife.

16. If you burp accidently, a hiccup or spill something just apologize quietly. Not to nobody but specifically you.

17. Use knife and fork to eat chicken, pizza, finger buffet. But if you are at barbecue use your finger.

18. Hold a stemmed glass by the stem! This is done to prevent cold drinks.

19. In the restaurant, pay the bill for your food by putting your money on the plate as the bill comes in.

20. Never reach for someone’s plate to ask for something, just ask for items to be passed to you.

21. If you don’t get you glass or napkins make sure you follow ‘OK rule “using both of your hands.

22. When you leave your table always says ‘excuse me’.

23. Not to put your cell on the table.

24. Don’t use your cell during dinner in case you have an emergency call. Or you need to excuse yourself.

25. No need for over tip.

26. If you are wearing a suit or a jacket make sure you unbutton one button each time you site. And re-button each time you stand up.

27. Last and the most important, always use ‘Thank you’ when served something, It is known as a sign of appreciation.


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