It is amazing how people like to equate success with education yet we have some billionaires who are college dropouts. With education, you can enhance the chance of your success but it seems like to be a billionaire you got to have some X-factor such as luck, idea, and brave heart. If you are successful, you are sure to become rich but if you are educated, you can hardly relate it to making crazy money. It is the willpower to be different and to have the creativity to sell a simple idea like hot cakes make a billionaire.

10. Ralph Lauren

Ralph LaurenHe is the founder and CEO of the famous fashion company Ralph Laurent Corp. His current worth is more than 7 billion dollars. He dropped out of his college to join the army. After serving his country, he started his business venture in fashion and garments. The famous Polo brand is one of his creations.

9. Azim Premji

Azim PremjiHe is the founder of Indian IT major Wipro. He dropped out of Stanford University because of his father’s death. He is the richest guy in Indian Tech world and his current worth is more than 16 billion dollars. He went back to Stanford at an age of 50 to complete his degree course.

8. Jan Koum

Jan KoumHe is the creator of WhatsApp which is the most used mobile messaging app. He dropped out of his college to work for Yahoo. He was with Yahoo for nine long years before he dropped a bombshell with WhatsApp. Facebook bought WhatsApp for a record deal and his current worth is more than 8 billion dollars.

7. Sean Parker

Sean ParkerHe is considered to be one the most successful serial entrepreneurs. He never went to college and he was the founder of Napster. He also worked with Mark Zuckerberg to take Facebook to new heights. He was one of the founders of Plaxo and Airtime. His current worth is more than 3 billion dollars.

6. Jack Dorsey

Jack DorseyHe is one of the founders of Twitter. He was at New York University from where he dropped out to start Twitter and pursue different business ventures. He also founded Square, a popular platform for sellers to do secure credit card processing. His current worth is more than 2 billion dollars.

5. Larry Ellison

Larry EllisonHe is the CEO of the famous database company Oracle. His current worth is more than 40 billion dollars. He dropped out of the University of Illinois after his second year. He went to the University of Chicago but again dropped out. He along with two coworkers in Amdahl Corporation founded Oracle. They have made several acquisitions to grow bigger with time.

4. Michael Dell

Michael DellHe is the CEO of the famous computer hardware company – Dell. His current worth is more than 15 billion dollars. He started making his own computer from his college days. He also started selling computers to various customers and hence, he got out of focus from his studies. He dropped out of his college and started pursuing his business venture.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg was one of the brightest students in his batch but he dropped out of the prestigious Harvard University because he wanted to pursue his business venture. He was one of the youngest billionaires in the world and his current worth is more than 14 billion dollars. He showed the world that if you are passionate about something, you should forget about your college degree.

2. Steve Jobs

Steve JobsHe is one of the greatest pioneers in the computer world. He dropped out of his college because the fee was too high for his adopted parents to pay. He along with Steve Wozniak founded App Inc. He was worth more than 7 billion dollars during his last days and he had revolutionized computer and its technologies.

1.Bill Gates

Bill GatesJust like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates was in Harvard University but he dropped out in his 2nd year to make his dream come true. He along with Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Just like Steve Jobs, he is one of the pioneers in computer and its technology world. He later received an honorary degree from Harvard University. His current worth is more than 80 billion dollars.


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