Books being banned, it’s quite hard to believe. But it is true, even these days books are being banned with all the wrong reasons. By looking at this, the time has not even changed for the writers. Here’s the top 10 list of books those were banned for the wrong reasons.

#1 Vampire Academy

Generally it is a story of a girl, who wants to defeat the undead vampires. In total Vampire Academy has six books in the series, all of those were banned for no obvious reasons. At the time when the book was banned by the school district in Stephenville, there were on three books published from the series but they band the all the books that were even not published.

#2 Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Because of the harsh words coming out of a book, it isn’t allowed in some school. But being a dictionary, it has to tell what it is. The school who banned the book said that they band the Dictionary because there was the definition of “oral sex” in it and is difficult to sit and read it.

#3 The Scarlet Letter


As this book is categorized as pornographic, but it doesn’t consists of any sex scenes. It is just a story of a woman of 17th century who commits adultery and was forces to were the clothes that have sewed A on it.


#4 The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

Being categorized under Racial Undertones, this novel deals with different themes such as violence, bullying and alcoholism. The book was also granted the True Diary the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature 2007. Even after getting the award, the book was banned because the parents say that the book was too realistic.

#5 The Diary Of Anne Frank

It’s a heartbreaking story of a Jews girl who was caught up in the horrors of World War II. In the portrait there shows no power of hope and human goodness. This book was band banned because of many sexual references and was as too much downer.

#6   Where The Sidewalk Ends

Where the sidewalk ends is the collection of poem for children’s from Silverstein’s. The book was banned because in one of the poem, there was a repeated line “Someone ate the baby.” To prevent the tryouts of cannibalism the book was banned.

#7 Captain Underpants

Many of you may have read this book. Generally this book is for the young boys, where two young boys along with their superhero friend wears the tight whitish and fights for truth. It was banned because of the cartoonist body of Captain Underpants and the book particular focuses on that the captain just wears the pair of underpants and nothing else.

#8 Slaughterhouse-Five

In this novel, the main character is “unstuck in time”, which means he is in his mansion getting sleep and just next minute he is with the alien in the zoo making love with the porn star. The novel was banned because of the explicit sexual scenes and obscene language.

#9 1984

It has a great story of and oppressive government which manipulates to control the population. Once this book was converted to Russian but there this book was burnt with no copies remaining because it was not communist enough.

#10  James And The Giant Peach


The story is about a young boy who is adapted by his two mean aunties. The boy has a magic potion given by the old man which he splits on a peach tree which grows into giant tree and have few bugs that learns to talk. The book was banned because when the Miss Spider licks her own lips was just a little too risky.


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