Sleeping late, waking up late, get wondering for breakfast, yeah that’s bachelor’s life. If you are also a bachelor and every morning having breakfast is like going on mission for you, don’t worry you will definitely find some helpful breakfast ideas here. Only noodles will not be the savior for you, now onwards you will have a good and healthy list of breakfast.

Find below some suggested healthy foods for breakfast ideas.

1. Vegetable Sandwich

You can always find some vegetables like Cucumber, tomato, broccoli and cabbage leaves. Cut them down into slices, mix some cheese or sauce and stuff between the bread pieces. Enjoy this sandwich full of nutrients with juice or glass of milk.

2. Bread Omelet

If you are okay with eggs then nothing could be easier than this. Take two eggs and beat them in a bowl with some salt and chopped onions. Keep bread slices in the pan with little butter/oil and pour the beaten eggs on it. Cook the bread slices from both sides and enjoy your hot breakfast.

3. Mix Fruit bowl


A bowl full of chopped fruits would do wonders to start your day. All you need is to buy some food on weekends and have this healthy breakfast at least twice a week. Do not forget to wash the fruits before cutting them. You can add some honey or lemon depending on your taste to make it more delicious.

4. Rava Upma

If you can afford the cooking time of 10 minutes then Rawa Upma can be the best breakfast for yours. It will give you the satisfaction of cooking as well as energetic breakfast. Take some chopped onions, carrot, peas and green chili, fry for few minutes and then add half bowl rawa to it roast 2 minutes and add some water. Cook for next five minutes and serve this tasty breakfast with a glass of juice.

5. Daliya

If your taste buds are fan of sweetness then you have this healtiest breakfast option. You need not to worry about the cooking skilss. Making daliya is very easy and quick. Take some milk and add dry daliya to it. Keep this mixture in heat for 20 minutes and let it boil. By the time you can do your other work. After it has boiled add some sugar and dry fruits to it cook for 2 minutes and serve your breakfast.

6. Paneer-Onion sandwich

This sandwich can be cooked in just few minutes. It is very easy and healthy, full of dairy nutrient. Take a piece of paneer and scramble it, add chopped onion and green chilli. Stuff the mixture in bread and roast it. Your breakfast is ready.

7. Sprouts and Juice Glass

No breakfast could be healthier than this. Soak few whole grains overnight and next day take them out from water and keep them in a clean cotton cloth. Very next morning add some chopped onions and lemon to this sprouted grain and serve as it is. You can carry them along with you in tiffin box.

8. Half Fry Egg

Eggs do great help in making breakfast and snacks. Full of protein, it gives you an energetic start for the day. Take eggs and pour the content in the pan. Cooks for two minutes and your breakfast is ready. Serve with a glass of milk.

9. Milk Cornflakes

Quickest and lightest breakfast is a bowl full of milk and cornflakes. You can add sugar or honey or some flavored drink to make it tastier. It’s fat-free and does not add a pound to your body. You can always have this if you are on diet.

10. Namkeen Oats

It will fulfil your energy and nutrient need for the morning. Oats are very healthy to consume. You can find ready made packets of oats in market. Simply empty the content in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Serve hot with juice/milk of your choice and you are ready to rock the day with full energy.

Breakfast is very important for our body. It gives a healthy start to the day and keeps you full of energy throughout the day. Never compensate with your breakfast else it will leave you lazy and energyless. Being bachelor can be more enjoy full with these quick and healthy breakfast option.


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