We see the different logo in our day to day life, in our home, out in the street or anywhere you go. They might be the logo of top brand or some time of some unknown brand. The logo may sometimes have the hidden message in it and they may or may not know it.
Here is the list of Top companies’ logo which has hidden messages in it.

1. Cisco

Known for providing the best telecommunication equipment’s, Cisco has chosen electromagnets for their logo. Many people may not recognize it in their logo, as they have arranged them as Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Domino’s Pizza

 It is not the new name for you, and the logo is also simple which consists of playing domino piece. But you may not know the meaning of dots in the logo, they represent the restaurant and its first 2 franchise. Initially, the plan was to add a dot every time they opened a new franchise but later on they dropped the idea.

3. FedEx

 While looking through the logo of FedEx, you just see the name of the company but if you look between the two letters “E” and “x” with the orange color you can find the arrow hidden in the white or negative space. this signifies the FedEx is always moving forward.

4. McDonald’s

 Many people think that it’s the letter M in the McDonald’s logo. But actually, it was meant to be the part of the building that was designed for the restaurant chain. The hidden message in the logo is that the “M” also represents the pair of breast, which symbolizes as the nourishment of mammals.

5. Vaio

Sony, well known for making high-quality video and audio created the Vaio brand to sell computer and laptops. The logo generally represents their past and reaches to the future. But the Vaio logo also consists of the two types odd signals one is analog signal represented by V and a and other is digital signal represented by I and o.

6. Amazon

Looking at a glance, most people see it as a smiling face, as the Amazon is related to providing happiness to the people. But the hidden message in the logo is that the smile shape is marked as the arrow which is starts from a to z that indicates Amazon sells everything from A to Z.

7. Paramount Pictures

 The initial logo of the company was drawn by the owner in the napkin with the resemblance of Ben Lomond Mountain. The original logo was surrounded by 24 stars which represented the 24 actors that were signed by the company but now these days it reduces 22 but the actors signed by the company is much larger.

8. Nike

 The actual designer of the Nike logo was the student when she designed the logo. That time she only got $35 for the logo, but later on, when the company grew she got a diamond ring and 500 shares of Nike stock. The logo was initial to compete for the simplicity of Adidas Logo.

9. BMW

 BMW is not just the automobile company but they also create the aircraft engines and the blue and white color in the logo resemble the plane white propeller and blue sky. But it was not the initial intention, they want to use the color of the Bavarian Free State but doing that was illegal.

10. IBM

In the logo of IBM, everyone knows that there are three letters written in bold form with the horizontal white space running through it. Initially, there were 13 white spaces but later than it was reduced to 8 spaces. The secret in the logo is at the bottom right corner is broken in such way that the M displays an equal sign which represents the value of equality.


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