Just stay alive, you will get a chance to experience various bizarre things. There are many situations which kept airport security at risk. Many people knowingly or unknowingly try to take bizarre, strangest and extremely dangerous things on airplanes. Airport security has seized various ranges of strange things from poisonous animals and human remaining, to bizarre machinery and dangerous weapons.

Here are the top 10 craziest things caught at airport security that you won’t believe. And you check your luggage before traveling through air.

10. Human Skeleton

In 2008 At Munich Airport, Germany, two Italian women were taken into custody when the airport security discovered a human skeleton in their luggage while traveling from Sao Paulo to Naples. When they were interrogated they approved that the remains were of a family member who died in Brazil 11 years earlier.

9. 240 Live Fish

Through Los Angeles International Airport, Someone tried to bypass 240 live fish inside his water filled four suitcases. With the help of explosive detection and scanner image, the agents discovered the fishes which were packed like sardines.

8. Human Eyeballs

In 2007 at Stansted Airport, Airport officials found 10 human eyeballs floating in a jar in a passenger’s luggage. But the authorities have not flashed the news why someone was traveling with five pairs of eyeballs and who are they?

7. Science project that looked like a Bomb

Through Omaha’s airport, One student tried to sneak his science project which had a various cable attached in a mint tin. That project was discovered through the x-ray machine and suspected it was a home made bomb. But Out of the luggage also it looked actually like a homemade bomb.

6. Cannonball

At Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in 2012, one driver tried to take away a cannonball. 290 passengers flight was delayed due to this thing. The driver tried to bring home an old cannonball which he found while diving near a shipwreck.

5. Stun Gun as a Cell Phone

Someone tried to bypass a stun gun disguised as a fake pink cell phone. But the Passenger surrendered the stun gun and only allowed to continue the flight. Actually, This kind of situation can put you on an actual arrest.

4. Snakes

Many people try to sneak fishes, birds, turtles etc through airport security but a male passenger tried to sneak snakes in his pants. In Miami International Airport, he tried to pass seven snakes and turtles under his pants. He has hidden all snakes and turtles by wearing women stockings.

3. Marijuana in a Grenade

Can you imagine people would try to sneak marijuana in a fake explosive? You would think it is an insane idea but one passenger tried to bypass marijuana hiding it in a fake grenade through airport security in 2012 at Denver international airport.

2. Tarantulas

In Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport October 2012, One Couple tried to sneak 200 live tarantulas hidden in their bodies from Peru. You can imagine how you would feel traveling with 200 live tarantulas hidden in your clothing and shoes inside plastic containers.

1.Dead Body

In 2010, a 91-year-old man was checked in by his own wife and stepdaughter who tried to take him from Liverpool to Berlin. They tried to take him with a wheelchair and wearing sunglass although the security realized he was dead. But when officials questioned about it, the wife simply answered that she thought he was just asleep.


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