Most of the serial killers in the world were absolutely inhuman. They used to find fun in killing people with or without motives. It was more like going for hunting to them. They were completely lunatic in the society.

Today, we will look at top ten of the most notorious serial killers in the world and the crime they committed to get a permanent place in the bad books of history.

10. Dr. Harold Shipman

Dr. Harold ShipmanIt is said that he had killed nearly 250 people. He was a reputed doctor and he used to give high doses of killer drugs and used to make the victim write a will to the doctor to inherit their property and wealth. As he was reputed, he went undetected until the rate of unusual death rose very high in his locality. He killed himself while serving life imprisonment.

9. The Butcher

The ButcherAndrei Chikatilo was a notorious serial killer who used to get psychological relief by killing women and children. He confessed that he was a mistake of nature and human beings need to destroy him. He murdered more than 53 people and he was executed by a firing squad.

8. The Chessboard Killer

The Chessboard KillerAlexander Pichushkin started killing when Andrei Chikatilo got arrested. He wanted to kill 64 men to fill up a chessboard pattern. He used to lure homeless people in his home and kill them by striking hammer on their heads. When arrested he said that he wanted to become the most prolific serial killer of them all.

7. Luis Garavito

Luis GaravitoHe was a child serial killer and he holds the record of killing the most people in the history. His targets were the street children. He used to abduct street children at night, torture them and rape them before murdering them. He has killed more than 140 children in merely five years and the number is suspected of crossing 300 as well.

6. Jack – The Ripper

Jack – The RipperThe serial killer could not be identified. He had a unique style of killing people and female prostitutes were his targets. He used to remove organs from the bodies of the victims and it looked like he was a professional surgeon.

5. The Green River Killer

The Green River KillerGary Ridgway was a truck painter. He used to kill only the prostitutes. He was one of the notorious serial killers in the U.S. He has confessed killed more than 70 women. He dumped his early victims in the Green River. He was caught with DNA evidence and given a life sentence without any parole.

4. Daniel Camargo

Daniel CamargoThis terrible serial killer used to rape the virgin young girls before killing them brutally. It is estimated that he had raped and killed over 150 victims. He started his criminal activities in Colombia and got arrested. He escaped from the jail and then started his operation in Ecuador before getting arrested. He was killed in the jail by the cousin of a victim.

3. The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac KillerThe serial killer could not be identified. He used to send letters to Press containing ciphers which could give the police the place of the murder. Unfortunately, only one of all the ciphers sent could be decoded. His last letter read that he had killed 37 people and that police had caught zero suspects. Clearly, he used to kill people for fun and to challenge the intelligence of the police department.

2. Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro Rodrigues FilhoHe is the infamous Brazilian serial killer who killed his father and ate up his heart. He started committing crime at an early age of 14. By the age of 18, he had already killed 10 people. He was sent to prison but he created a record there by killing nearly 50 inmates. Killing people became his passion in life.

1. The Monster Of The Andes

The Monster Of The AndesPedro Alonso Lopez terrorized South America during his active period of committing crimes in the 1970s. He confessed killing more than 300 young girls. He used to lure young girls and take them in empty buildings and then raped them brutally before killing them violently. He served in jail for 18 years but even after his release, there was no transformation and he was arrested again and given life imprisonment.


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