Eyes are more expressive than words. Being most important part of your beauty, eyes need special care and attention. Simple eyeliner can beautify your eyes. If you are bored of applying your eyeliner in same style every day then you can find some fantastic styles here.


1. Basic Style

This basic style of applying eyeliner gives a natural and decent look to your eyes. You just need to give one stroke of eyeliner. Simply follow you eyelid shape to the end of eyes and you are done with it in seconds.
This style can be useful in case you are in the hurry and cannot afford to give too much time to eye makeup. Style your hair accordingly and you are done with your natural look. Enjoy
being natural!!

 2. Intense look

Giving an intense and sexy look to the eyes can be a bit trickier. You can get this look by applying basic eyeliner and then smudging it out on your upper and lower eyelids. To make the look more intense, try using only black and gray shades of eyeliner. Apply another coat of eyeliner and repeat the same. Try to cover the inner line of eyelids to give perfect look.

3. Smokey Look

This look is perfect if you are going out for an evening party.
To give Smokey look to your eyes, you need to get some eyeshadow. Applying perfectly thin strokes of eyeliner and then matching it with eye shadow is all that needs to be done.

4. Cat Eye Look

One of the best looks for eyes. It is very versatile and can be tried with light mascara. This style of applying eyeliner needs high precision and care. Try applying this eyeliner look with sketch eyeliners to get close lines at the end of eyelids. Perfectly drawn liner gives a clean look to your eyes. Avoid if you have smaller eyes.

5. Flicker Look

This look adds to the beauty of your eyes. Apply a simple stroke of eyeliner until the end of the eyes and then take a flick upwards to the outer edge of the eye. Apply basic style to the lower lid to give a perfect look. This look can be used for regular office purpose as well as party purpose. Add a perfect shade of eyeshadow when going for evening parties.

6. Double Flick look

This look is an enhancement of single flick. Apply a simple stroke of eyeliner until the end of the eyes and then take a  flick upwards to the outer edge of the eye. Repeat the process and this time draw the flick above the first flick, keep its length smaller than first one. Highlight the lower lid with mascara and eye shadow.

7. Double Lined Look

To get this look simply draw outwards flick on upper eyelid then apply the same to lower eyelid inline with the upper flick. Try using different colors of eyeliner to give dramatic texture to your eyes.

8. All Around Look

If you want to highlight all the features of your aye keeping it natural then this look is perfect for you. You need little more perfection for this. Apply eyeliner around both upper and lower eyelids and keep the edges closed. You can try thin strokes to make them look bigger.

9. Sharpe Edge Look

This look gives a well-defined appearance to eyes when applied perfectly. Apply the liner as basic stroke and keep edges sharp. You can take help of some paper sheet to draw perfect sharp edges. Follow up with the different shade of pencil liner.

10. Multi Flick Look

To give a more dramatic look to your eyes you can sometimes try this look. Apply eyeliner by drawing three different flicks at the end of eyes. You can try drawing all flicks in the same direction or different ones. Give thinner flicks to make it clearly visible.


Your eye makeup can give you a full-on dramatic look. Give special attention while applying makeup to your eyes, as it can create the mess if not done properly. Define and highlight  your lovely eyes with above-suggested eyeliner styles and enjoy the heads turning to your gorgeous look. Do not forget to wear out your eye makeup before going to bed. This will keep your eyes fresh and healthy.

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