Youth is age between 15 and 24 years. Youth is a person who well known his responsibility toward family and society. Youth is a best understood, interdependence as a member of the community. The category of fixed age group is youth age. Youth is a backbone of the nation.

1. Sexuality

In the modern age, Sexuality is biggest issues facing our youth today. More than 34% of teens whose age is more than 15 struggle with their Sexuality. Most of the teenage people trial with sex with the same gender. The main cause of child feels unloved because they don’t have any purpose in this world which commits suicide.

2. Poverty

Poverty is the most issues facing our youth today. Poverty cover more than 19% of children. Most of the kind cannot afford the good education, food or basic need because their parent income is low. Because of poverty children cannot fulfill their need and want which cause child didn’t grow up mentally.

3. Shifting Economy

The most issues factor of youth age is shifting economy. Today to get a job is a very difficult for our youth age. It’s very difficult to support their kind which causes many problems. If a parent cannot pay proper education fee it can affect child’s future badly.

4. Education Disparity

In the modern age, education is the most important factor for good future of our life. It’s playing the vital role in our future. Education inequality is one of the most issues facing our youth age. If an individual is living in a poor or a minority neighborhood there is a great chance that you might receive fewer necessities in the school individual attend.

5. Obesity

In the modern age children are obese or fat. Most of the children play video games and eating junk food too much in the house. Children are spending much time in front of TV, computer. They didn’t live the healthy life. Its causes many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

6. Materialism

We are a social animal that’s why we used to live in the society where greed is uplift. Children can easily catch up others positive or negative behavior. So if children can follow negative thing they cannot concentrate their study which badly effects on his upcoming future.

7. Violence in Schools

A child’s education is very important. Violence in school that affects children’s education and their future. The classroom is a safe and peace place in the school. If there is violence in a classroom or school the children cannot concentrate their study. That directly affects kid’s future.

8. Growing Up Too Fast

There was a time when children enjoyed being kids. Kids today are partaking in adult activities. The kids enjoy their favorite movie and they copied whatever they saw in the movie. They take sex, drugs abuse and alcohol abuse very badly. Which badly affect their future.

9. Drug/Alcohol Abuse

In the modern age drug abuse and alcohol abuse is the fashion to the youth age. The age of fifteen more than 35% of teenage is used drug and alcohol. Kids are using a large amount of drug and alcohol abuse each day. Teenage through that having smoking and drug are increased “cool” images.

10. Single Parent Households

Single parent household is constantly increasing since the year of 2005. Most of the single parents are responsible for their children. Kids are increased day by day. It’s difficult to a constant downfall in our economy. Single parents didn’t spend much time with their children because of responsibilities. Single parents work really hard for fulfilling their child need and basic need.


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