India, being a high populated nation, has a large cosmetic business sector, with various brands offering makeup results of distinctive qualities and price range.And in India, every age group of female wants to do Saaj Sringar to look beautiful and attractive.

So Here are Top 10 make brands of India in 2016 –

1. Lakme

One of the most established and most trusted runners in the Indian make up business sector is Lakme, a brand by Unilever Limited. It has spearheaded in conveying items to suit a variety of skin sorts and keeps on the decision the business sector since recent decades. The most recent expansion to this makeup brand is The Absolute Range, which has propelled creative eye and lip makeup. You can likewise look over the healthy skin extent like face washes, lotions, sunscreens and skin toners.

2. Revlon

Next on the Top 10 list Indian make up brands is the dependable brand called Revlon, which is among the first worldwide brands to have entered the Indian market. It offers an extensive variety of cosmetics including lipsticks, mascaras, eye liners, eye shadows, establishment and nail paints, which are intended to suit various skin sorts and ladies of diverse ages.

3. Loreal

Loreal is another worldwide brand, which is a hit in the cosmetics market in India as well. The items incorporate healthy skin and hair care, notwithstanding top end eye and lip cosmetics. Loreal is a brand embraced by acclaimed superstars like Aishwarya Rai, Demi Moore and Penelope Cruz. It brings one of the tops of the line hair colors in the Indian market. In spite of the fact that a touch extravagant, cosmetics from this brand exceeds expectations in quality!

4. Maybelline

Another mainstream worldwide cosmetics brand to catch the desi business is Maybelline New York, which has some well-known items like Diamond Shine and Water Shine lipsticks, Colossal Kajal and Volume Express Mascara, all of which have been moment hits among Indian ladies.

5. Amway

The next name on the list of best cosmetics brands in India is that of the master of the human service Amway, which offers its healthy skin, cosmetics, and medicinal services items through direct advertising, as opposed to in the open business sector counters. The brand is about 50 years of age, yet has gotten to be famous in the late years by virtue of substantial exposure. The most recent cosmetics scope of this brand has been propelled under the names of Attitude and Artistry.

6. Color Bar

Another makeup brand, which is very well known among cosmetics craftsmen and experts, is Color Bar, which works in lip cosmetics and establishment. The top notch items from Color Bar are intended to take into account ladies of all ages and offer enduring cosmetics for all skin sorts.

7. Elle 18

Elle 18
The mystery behind the popularity of this youth situated brand is its moderateness and incredible mixture offered by it. The brand Elle 18 is fundamentally intended to oblige the teen aged gathering, with a vivacious cluster of brilliant hues in lipsticks and nail paints. And every one of the items is light on the pocket as well!

8. Avon

Highlighting next on the list of main 10 Indian cosmetics brands in India is the immediate showcasing monster called Avon. It gets a wide range cosmetics and healthy skin items specifically to the homes of purchasers and offers an extraordinary approach to ladies why should looking win some cash from working at home. You can purchase some top of the line aromas, talcum, cleansers and face washes from Avon at extremely reasonable costs.

9. Chambor

Another worldwide cosmetics brand to make it to this Top 10 list is Chambor, which is known for its top quality lipsticks, eye cosmetics, establishments, and blushers. In spite of the fact that somewhat lavish, ladies adoration to make some of these prized items a piece of their accumulation.

10. MAC

MAC is a global luxury make up a brand, which has possessed the capacity to discover a spot among the top of the line fragment of Indian cosmetics market. The actuality remains that it is impractical for working class ladies to claim propositions items, which makes them considerably more attractive. It is among the most favored cosmetics brands among superstars and expert specialists.

All propositions cosmetics brands have an in number vicinity in the present day market, which they have earned in light of their quality, assortment and great evaluating.


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