It’s a common thing to make the predictions of the future. Everyone talks about how our world would like in next 50-100 years. Somebody are taking about flying cars, some are talking about artificial conscious and many other things. As the science is advancing so quickly, everyone is always curious what’s coming next. So here the lists of 10 mind blowing technology that will shape our future.

1. Tube Transport System


It is designed for more safer and cost effective transportation system than plans. With this transportation system you can travel al the speed of 6500mph with just no or little sound. It can take you around the world just in 6 hours, as it only takes 2 hours to get China from New York. By 2050, you can travel the world just in a single day.

2. Robot Soldiers


If you are a fan of I Robot or Terminator series, then you know what I am talking about. Sending robots to battle fields can save millions of lives every year. It may be little more costly but it’s worth every penny. Robots can be fighting our in next 20-30 years.

3. Bio Dome


You can also find the bio-domes these days, but while we are talking about future, it’s about huge bio-domes which can hold a complete civilization in it. As we are talking about over population these days, NASA is planning to build these bio-dome somewhere else probably on Mars.

4. Human Jetpack


Till now there are many interesting concepts of Jetpacks are out on the world. Among which most of them are powered by petrol, but future Jetpacks may be powered by electricity and can travel the long distances in very short period of time. With these jets packs you can just feel like Iron Man.

5. Mercedes Speed Car


Speed Car or the future car which emits oxygen as we drive it. The concept design is completed till now but also there is no idea on how to power these cars. If all our roads are solar powered the most of the problem is already solved.

6. Google Smart Contact Lens


Just like Google Glass, Smart Contact lens are also a great wearable tech by Google. Especially designed for Diabetics, the lens will automatically alert you when you are low on glucose to the monitors. The advanced form of this tech is to help you to monitor all the health conditions easily.

7. 3D Food Printer


Have you ever thought of a printer, printing the edible food? May be in coming future, you can be able to see one. Most likely it will be focused mainly for fast food. In future you will rather print your pizza rather than ordering it.

8. Life Straw


General you can use this straw to drink the dirty water directly. Due to all of this pollution going on and lack of safe drinking water, the concept of Life Straw was in action. When you suck the dirty water through Life Straw, you will get 99% pure water. This product will be saving millions of lives in next 10-15 years.

9. Google Self Driving Car


Being the giant in the Internet world, Google have everything that they need to build the Self Driving car. This car will not have any steering wheels. All you have to rely on the built in sensors. As soon as it passes all the legal problems you can see these on the streets.

10. Solar Roads


This is one of the greatest and genius concept ever built by the scientists. With solar roads they can meet the power needs of the entire nations. For rich countries, they can afford the construction costs but for others it takes a lot of time and a huge amount of money.

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