Every one of you must have driven through the normal highway many times. How do you feel when you drive through the wildest highways that are amazing and wild at the same time? If you want to travel in the wildest highways which have many crazy stories with it, then here is the list that you can go with.

1. The Highest Highway


The highest paved highway, Karakoran Highway is about 16,000 ft. high and 1300 km long which connects Pakistan and China through Karakoran Mountain. It is said that this highway has claimed a life in every mile i.e. about 800 lives during its construction. Other than that past travelers of this highway has faced different terrorist attacks.

2. The Underwater Motorway


If we are talking about the wonders of Modern engineering then the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is worth it. It’s a 37 km roadway is said to dangerous because it dips 1.6 below the water level into two different 1.6 km tunnels. The roadway costs about 200 million dollars to build. But 15-20 times every year there occurs huge storms which can blow away the cars also.

3. The Highway Without Vehicles


M-185 on Michigan is one and only highway is left careless. This 13.4 km highway is only travelled by foot or on bicycle. The ban on auto mobiles on this highway was proposed on 1890’s when they called them mechanical monster. The ban was done because the auto mobiles can scare their horses and causes accidents.

4. The Extraterrestrial Highway


158 km long Nevada State Highway 375 is called as the Extraterrestrial Highway. The people who have travelled through this highway has different stories of sighting of UFO, and there is also claims of having the Area 51 somewhere in this highway. The highway also runs along the Nellis Air Base where numerous missiles have been tested.

5. The Tallest Bridge In The World


Being 1125 ft. tall, Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge of the world. The bridge was also built by the same company that built Eiffel tower, and the bridge is slightly taller than Eiffel tower. If you are travelling on that bridge on a cloudy day, then you might have the illusion of travelling in the clouds.

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6. The Atlantic Ocean Road


Located in the western part of Norwegian coastline, the Atlantic Ocean road is 8.3 km long. The construction of the road was started in 1983 which was later interrupted by 12 hurricanes. The scenic view has made this road popular.

7. The Road With The Highest Speed Limit


The highest speed limit road has a record of 1017 km per hour. This may be the only highway in the world where you never a ticket even if you break the high speed record.

8. The Highway Through A Runway


The Gilbraltar Airport and Winston Churchill Avenue Highway intersect with each other. This highway is one of the busiest highways but the airport is not as it has only about 30 flights a week.

9. The Highway With A House In The Middle


Have you ever thought of living in the middle of the highway? Well the 67 old Luo Baogen is living right in the middle of the highway. When the government decided to build the highway, they refused to move so they build the highway around the 5 story building.

10. The Highway That Sings


For every accident, there is always an over speed case. New Mexico, route 66 plays the tune, “America the Beautiful” and if you drive over it then its itself becomes musical.


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