Outer space is the world beyond our world. It is a dark place of deep mysterious things that our scientific mind is yet to grasp. It is a place full of exceptions to the scientist laws applicable on Earth.

With our largest telescopes spying on the outer space every single second, every now and then, new mysterious objects and phenomena are discovered that make our understanding of things collapse completely. Today, we will look at the top ten mysterious things in the outer space about which the scientists have no clue at all.

1. Dark Matter – Invisibility

Dark Matter - InvisibilityThe matter that cannot be seen but can only be experienced as it has mass and exerts forces on objects around it. But the shocking fact it covers nearly one-fourth of the entire Universe and it raises a lot of questions that science is yet to answer. What property makes a matter have mass yet be invisible? Can such property be transferred into a visible matter like us?

2. Sounds From The Outer Space

 Sounds From The Outer SpaceIt is quite strange that every object in the outer spaces seems to have a sound of its own. Since our Universe is virtually a vacuum, such sound vibrations cannot be heard but recorded in instruments and NASA has designed such an instrument. They have recorded sounds of the Earth, Saturn’s Rings, Neptune and the weird sounds from the outer space.

3. The Shape Of The Universe

The Shape Of The UniverseThere is no way possible for the scientists to get an idea of the shape of the Universe. If the shape of the universe can be estimated, several theories can be formed that can explain the weird phenomena and object formations. Will we ever know what is there beyond the Universe or if there is more than just one Universe?

4. The Mysteries of Our Solar System

The Mysteries of Our Solar SystemSome of the photos of the Moon’s surface show strange structures as if they are man-made and not natural. NASA has covered up the images. Some of the photos of the Mars show pyramids and indication of the existence of life but NASA is yet to come up clean on it. If there is nothing, why is it that so many space missions are dedicated to Mars? Another mysterious thing in the solar system is the formation of Saturn’s rings which are made of ice.

5. Dark Energy – Defying Gravity

Dark Energy – Defying GravitySeveral scientists have claimed that nearly ¾th of the entire Universe consists of dark energy. It is responsible for the expansion of the Universe as its force is pulling the Universe apart. According to the law of gravity, heavy and dense objects should attract each other like galaxies but dark energy is making them move far apart from one another. It is still undetected with scientific instruments.

6. Astronauts – The Eye Witnesses

Astronauts – The Eye WitnessesSeveral astronauts have claimed to see UFOs and strange spaceships flying at unimaginable speed in the outer space. During NASA’s live streaming of the outer space, many flying objects with peculiar shapes have been seen by the viewers when NASA forcefully stopped the streaming. This has strengthened the wild belief in the existence of extra-terrestrials.

7. Gamma Ray Burst

Gamma Ray BurstIt is a giant explosion and the brightest and biggest of them all. Supernova which was thought to be the biggest explosion of a giant star collapsing seems to be a peanut in its comparison. It has been noticed in distant galaxies only for a few minutes and science has no clue what creates such explosions in the outer space.

8. The Origin Of Galaxy

The Origin Of GalaxyScientists have explained the birth of stars and planets but when it comes to creation and formation of galaxies, scientists are yet to provide a credible explanation. The shocking fact is that galaxies are not found everywhere in the Universe, they are always found in a cluster of other galaxies. What makes them have such geometric shapes naturally?

9. Human Face In Eagle Nebula

Human Face In Eagle NebulaA photo of Eagle Nebula giving birth to a star surfaced on several television channels. The shocking fact is that on closer inspection, you will find a face of a human being in it. This incident sparked a lot of controversies though the scientists have claimed it to be a mere coincidence but deep down, it is still unresolved.

10. The Creation Of The Universe

The Creation Of The UniverseEven though Big Bang theory is the most popular hypothesis to explain the beginning of the Universe, but some of the scientific communities have rejected the theory as mere imagination. So many theories and hypothesis have been proposed and none of them are accurate and perfect enough to explain the moment of creation. It was and still is the biggest mysteries of them all.


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