Hello, Today I am writing about the Best Programming language for best & bright future.As technology world growing rapidly with each day by day advancement in technology most in smartphones and Tablet world.
As a beginner you should know these languages to make career in these which are really high paid jobs around the world depending on your skills.
We have mentioned the list of these Top 10 Programming Language in 2015 For Best Future which are as follows :

#1 JAVA: Java is considered as the best programming language for developer and also students to learn Java, in year 2015. It is a programming language since 1990’s and founder of JAVA is James Gosling. Currently Java is one of the best-demand programming language as large and small both business.Many top Android application written is JAVA e.g. CANDY CRUSH , ANGRY BIRD , TEMPLE RUN. Java can be utilized as Enterprise Level purpose , mobile based application , Desktop based programming and currently in Android application development.
Average salary: $98300

#2 PHP : Any web developer should love PHP , a well known programming language. Using PHP

you can develop web app easily and fast.I t provides huge power to build and compete over the web designing. PHP is the Heart of King of Blogging WORDPRESS and King of Social networking FACEBOOK. The main advantage of this language is totally OPEN-SOURCE language, so there are thousands of pre-designed module that you can use in your designing and development as  it is the core of the most powerful content management system like WordPress.
Average salary : $92100

#3 Python :  Python is general use language and comes with JAVA in 1990’s.Python is often known as the easiest programming language to learn because of its simple and straightforward syntax makes more readable and ease use.Python is rising because google invested in this and now whole GOOGLE runs on PYTHON, so you can understand how stable this language is!!!Some other best examples of this awesome easy language is Instagram , Pinterest.It has the power do very cool stuff like scientific computing, web development and 3D designing of oblects.
Average salary : $97800

#4 Objective C :  Java is utilized for building applications for Android OS and on the off chance that you are enthused about building applications for iOS then you have to learn Objective-C programming. Before Apple proposed another launched , Swift, Objective-C was the decision for every one of the designers is still the best decision. On the off chance that you know Objective-C and you begin utilizing XCode, the official programming improvement device from Apple, then you can undoubtedly make an iOS application.
Average salary: $91700

 #5 JavaScript: Javascript is another best choice language by the new upcoming developers and as well as advancement in technology. Javascript is popular for web designer because it’s so ubiquitous on the web.There are many known frameworks in JavaScript that you can use to assemble for stunning client interface.At WordStream, we use a JavaScript library called JQuery to make our JavaScript work even easier.
What is JavaScript Used for? 

  • Make exceedingly responsive client interfaces
  • Include movements in the website page
  • Load new pictures, articles or different scripts in the website page
  • Average salary: $89400
#6 Ruby : Now a days Ruby and Ruby rails becomes more popular because of it is more powerful language and so simple to learn.If you want to create any project in little time then you can utilize this language.Utilized a great deal for web programming, Ruby language has getting to be as the first decision for some new businesses.Having Ruby knowledge  is sought nowadays!!
Average salary: $81100
#7 C,C++ : As you know C is evergreen language but in current days its scope become limited so its comes to number 7.It is the oldest but should be the first to learn when you start learning programming. The language is used in building various softwares.

On the off chance that you saw C++ on a report card, you’d be really bummed. Possibly a touch confused, as well (is it really a B-?). Be that as it may, C++ is not the terrible evaluation it is by all accounts. It’s frequently the first programming language taught in college / coaching (well, it was for me 7 years back). I thought it was a decent “in the middle of” language in that it was  object oriented without must be over the top about it. It was likewise low sufficiently level to be near hardware, yet no so low level that you needed to do everything physically. Since there are such a variety of C++ compilers, you can compose stuff in C++ and have it run practically anyplace.
Average salary: $88300
#8 C# : C# is the programming language  utilized as a part of request to create Microsoft applications. C# is nearly identical to Java.. I’ve invested much energy preparing with C#, however in the event that you’re great at Java, you’ll likely have a simple time bouncing onto C#. In case you’re hoping to go at Microsoft applications, C# is the best approach.
Average salary: $79300

#9 Visual Basic & .Net : VB .Net is high level programming language implemented on .Net framework. It was launched by MICROSOFT in year 2002 as a successor of Visual basics. It is used
to make Web services applications easier to develop. It is the first fully object-oriented programming (OOPs) version of Visual Basic, and as such, supports OOPs concepts such as abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and aggregation.
Average salary: $70900
#10 MySQL: SQL is database programming language used to create and maintain database. It stands for Structured Query Language. Almost every application has a backend database and SQL is the language which helps you interact with that big data to maintain and process according you want. In terms of software development, SQL isn’t ever used alone it needs some other language to invoke.
Average salary: $73600
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