As we know that there are various options these days for traveling that is available to the travelers from all around the world, Again Train is still one of the convenient options for traveling on the road.

The World have recorded many categories of stations such as busiest station, the highest station, the longest station, the largest station by floor and by many platforms.

Here is the list of top railway platform in the world.

1) Grand Central Terminal

Top 10 Railway Platform In The WorldThis is the largest train station in the World according to the number of platforms located in the United States, New york. It has got total 44 platforms which are spreader on an area of 48 acres. The station was built in 1871. It provided facilities to their passengers such as restaurant, bakeries, fresh fruit market, news-stands, a Museum, Starbucks coffee shop and Apple Store. It attracts more than 21.6 million annual visitors.

2) Gare Du Nord

Gare Du NordGare du Nord train station is located in France, Paris which is one of the Europe’s largest stations according to the number of platforms. It has got 44 platforms which were first opened in 1846. Cafes, gift shops, newsagent, registered baggage service, e-ticket collection machines and toilets are some facilities provided by the station.

3) Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku StationLocated in Japan, Tokyo it is one of the world’s busiest stations opened in 1885. It has been serving average 3.6 million passengers every day. It has 36 platforms which are ranked 3rd in the top of the list. The station has also the underground arcade with 200 exists.

4) Munchen Hauptbahnhof

Munchen HauptbahnhofThis is a Europe’s 2nd largest station located in Germany. After the end of Second World War, it was rebuilt in 1960. Every day the station serves its service for more than 450,000 passengers. The station services food shops and gift shops, shopping arcade, Children’s Museum and a Hotel.

5) Roma Termini Railway Station

Roma Termini Railway StationLocated in Italy it is known as one of the main station of Rome which was opened in 1862. It services both international and domestic services which connect Rome with Paris, Vienna, Munich, Geneva, and Basel. It has got 29 platforms. With 29 platforms it ranks in top 5th position in the list.

6) Zurich Hauptbahnhof

Zurich HauptbahnhofIt is a busiest and largest railway station in Switzerland. These railways service 400,000 passengers on the daily basis. The railway station was opened in 1847 which is the busiest train station in the World. It has 26 platforms which offer shopping arcade, air cinema, skating and many other activities.

7) Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

Leipzig HauptbahnhofThis railway station is the Europe’s largest train station serving more than 120,000 passengers every day. The station was renovated in the 1950s after the Second World War. With 24 platforms it has got 7th position on the top list.

8) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji TerminusThis railway station used to be known as the Victoria terminus located in Mumbai historic landmark. It is also known as an attractive tourist destination listed in a UNESCO World heritage Site. It is one of the Asian busiest railway stations with 18 platforms.

9) Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Berlin HauptbahnhofIt is Europe’s largest grade-separated station which has 14 platforms: 6 upper platforms and 8 lower platforms. The 44,000 square meters space of the station is dedicated to shopping centers, luggage center, luggage lockers, car parking and free internet access. More than 300,000 passengers are access to the service of the station.

10) Jakarta Kota Station

Jakarta Kota StationJakarta Kota Station is known as Beos Station which is South Asia’s largest train station. It has 12 platforms with convenient stores, food courts, public toilets, ATM and a mosque. This railway station has got a historic and cultural significance in Indonesia. Hence, it attracts lots of attracts.



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