It is quite funny to find that a country, however, big it can be in terms of area, it always appears to be small in our mind when there is not enough population to crowd the available area.

Today, we are going to look at those ten smallest countries in the world where the population is least, but they are not necessarily the smallest countries in terms of areas. The reason behind such small population can be geographically isolated from resourceful countries, inconvenient weather throughout the year and small area of the nation to make it too crowded.

10. American Samoa

American SamoaIts latest population count stands at 55,165 over an area of 199 square kilometers. It consists of five main islands and it comes under the Commonwealth of the United States and hence, it gets administrative, monetary and military aids from U.S. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

9. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and NevisIt is a country of 54,191 people, and it covers an area of 261 square kilometers. It is situated on the Caribbean Sea, and it is a two-island country. Both of them have volcanic rocks, and it was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

8. Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana IslandsIts latest population count is 53,855 over an area of 464 square kilometers. It is a collection of 15 islands some of which are inhabited due to remoteness and natural roughness such as volcanoes and typhoons. It is a Commonwealth of United States which means it is headed by U.S. and gets monetary and military aids from them.

7. Marshall Islands

Marshall IslandsIt has nearly 52,634 citizens over an area of 181.4 square kilometers. It is quite close to the equator and located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It gets monetary aids from the United States and it has to imports a lot of goods for survival.

6. Monaco

MonacoIt has slightly higher population than Liechtenstein, and its count is 37,831 people. It is situated just beside France. The country takes no income tax from its citizens. It has merely 2 square kilometers of land and hence, the second highest among the most densely populated countries.

5. Liechtenstein

LiechtensteinIt is a proud nation of 36,925 citizens. The pride lies in the fact that it has the most stable economy in the world with the highest employment rate which is almost 98.5%. It covers an area of 160 square kilometers and is situated entirely in the Alps.

4. San Marino

San MarinoIt has a population of 31,448 which is quite decent compared to its total area of 61.2 square kilometers. It is entirely based on Tourism industry for its economic growth. It is surrounded by Italy, and the fun fact is that it has more vehicles than the entire population combined.

3. Palau

PalauIt is a nation of 20,918 citizens though its area is big enough to have twice to thrice of the current population. It has nearly 465 square kilometers of land, but it is situated in quite a remote location which is to the east of Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

2. Tuvalu

TuvaluIt is the second smallest country by population and it is a nation of 9,876 citizens. The reason for such small population is its late independence from the United Kingdom in 1978 and hence, least of developments for population overflow. It is situated in the northeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

1. Vatican City

Vatican CityIt is quite hard to believe that a famous nation of whom the entire world speaks about has less than 1000 people in it. To be more precise, it is a country of merely 451 citizens. It qualifies as the least populated countries in the world. The exact reason behind that is the fact that it is also the smallest country in the world in terms of area. It covers only 0.44 square kilometer of land.

That’s it for today. Hope you found it informative. Do check out our other interesting posts to discover more surprising and intriguing facts.


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