Psychotherapy is the technique of using different kinds of psychological methods with regular personal interaction. This helps the person to bring change as well as overcome problems in the desired ways. The motto of the psychotherapy is to provide people solution to their mental illness.

There have been recorded different types of procedure for treatment in psychotherapy. It is also popular in the psychology that different person has a different way of therapy as the different key is required to open the different lock.

In this article, you are provided the list of top 10 amazing and strangest psychotherapy techniques existed ever.


SEXUAL SURROGACY THERAPYThose patients who have intimacy problems are treated with this sexual surrogacy therapy technique. The psychologist takes help of well trained professional sexual surrogates. In this type of therapy, the surrogate looks in eyes of patient hold hands, kisses and also more than this sometimes sexual intercourse too.


EQUINE THERAPYThis kind of therapy includes the horse riding. It helps for the youth, a person with a disability and also to the drug addicts. The horseback riding needs great patience and skill of self-control and confidence. This equine therapy provides these qualities to those patients and really helps them to be out of their problem.


NUDE PSYCHOTHERAPYThis kind of psychotherapy is very amazing and interesting too. The persons in this therapy become naked and they watch deeply each other’s genitals. This therapy helps the people with repressed thoughts, having troubles in marriage. It has been very successful as the therapy for those patients.


CHESS THERAPYThis game therapy was great therapy for that patient who had problems with verbal communication and also those who were unable to express their idea in broad games. This chess therapy also helped for those who had decision-making problem in their life. It provided them great confidence in life.


WILDERNESS THERAPYThis kind of therapy is very much suitable for those people who lack social skills and they will be taught life skills. For this therapy, the patient has to be taken to open sky and let to climb a mountain or fly fishing. This therapy teaches the patient about self-reliance and to build confidence for responsibilities.


HYPNOTHERAPYThis means the treatment by hypnotism. This is like the magical trick to the patient. This therapy helps the patient to take out the things from their subconscious mind and get them rid of the mental illness.


SAND-PLAY THERAPYIn this therapy, the patient is asked to build sand castles and have fun. This therapy helps for those patients who have the problem in sharing feelings with other people.


FLOODING THERAPYThis kind of therapy is used for those patients who have the problem due to fear. To take out the fear from the mind of the patient, they are kept in extreme danger which creates fear in them. This therapy has been achieving great success.


PUPPET THERAPYFor this therapy, it requires the use of the puppet. The patient feels free to express their feeling with these puppets and they are helped to get rid of such mental problems and troubles hidden in their subconscious mind.


HORTICULTURE THERAPYThis therapy helps patient to build up their ability to work in groups. Also, the therapy helps them to increase their self-esteem. The patient gets happiness by watching the plant growing day by day with their own effort.

These are the strangest psychotherapy techniques used in the psychological treatment. Enjoy your day by reading these amazing facts about psychological treatment.


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