Robots are one of the greatest inventions in human history. Some great scientists have expressed their worst fear that robots will replace human beings in all sorts of activities in the near future with the application of artificial intelligence.

But there are some areas and activities where robots can never get the jobs done, and human beings are the only ones who are fit to do them. The only reason why robots can never beat human beings is that human brain can never be replicated and scientists are yet to decode its actions and reactions completely.

1. Lawyers

LawyersRobots can never do a job of a lawyer because defending a person in front of the judge needs reasoning and understanding of the entire case. Sometimes, lawyers need to improvise according to the statements of the opposite lawyers which require a human brain. Robots can have the artificial intelligence to interpret and process all the statements, but they will never have the cunning intelligence to spot the loopholes. Furthermore, they can never put forward an appealing argument that can sway the outcome.

2. Scientists

ScientistsRobots can never replace a scientist. They can analyze a problem and do all sorts of permutations and combinations, but in most of the cases, there will do no solution at all and even if there is, it would not be feasible or optimal. Innovation and discovery need a human brain.

3. Surgeons

SurgeonsRobots can examine a person and find out what is wrong biologically after performing several medical tests. They can also prescribe appropriate medicines and recommend for certain medical operations based on the reports. But when it comes to performing surgery, a human being is never replaceable because a surgeon has to take decisions instantly based on the multiple complex situations that come up while performing an operation. It is not always something that can be pre-determined and followed stepwise.

4. Players

PlayersRobots can play almost all the games, but they can never replicate how a human being plays a game on the field. Watching robots play any indoor or outdoor game could be really boring because they have no emotion in their moves and most of their moves are repetitive in nature based on certain preset conditions.

5. Creative Writers

Creative WritersRobots can never be creative writers that would be able to write story stories, poems or novels. All these creative forms of writing require a human brain to put emotions in words and create emotion-evoking pieces that readers can relate. As a matter of fact, robots can never do anything original other than what they are instructed to do. They can only do certain permutations and combinations.

6. Musicians

MusiciansRobots can never compose musical notes as per the meaning of the lyric. They can read out a lyric in different tones but such tones will be repetitive and boring. They can never understand the entire lyric at once and compose tones accordingly. They can never compose anything original and fresh.

7. Chefs

ChefsRobots can never do cooking like chefs do. They can prepare certain dishes according to readymade recipes, but chefs keep on creating and innovating new signature dishes. They hardly follow any standard procedure for cooking new dishes, and there is something magical in their hands.

8. Actors

ActorsRobots can never do the job of acting. Acting is all about faking emotions and emotion is something that robots can never have. They can act in certain ways when proper instructions are given by the director, but when it comes to portraying differently in different movies, they will fail completely.

9. Teachers

TeachersRobots can teach, but when it comes to understanding students and paying attention to each student’s problems, only a human being is capable of doing so. They can never evaluate instantly whether the class is understanding or not and hence, the teaching will be ineffective.

10. Politicians

PoliticiansFinally, one thing that robots can never be is to be a politician. They can be highly intelligent but when it comes to being a politician and governing the entire state, only a human being is capable of doing it. Furthermore, dirty politics is a not a cup of tea for robots.

That’s it all for today. Hope you found it interesting. Do mention in comments what are the other professional where you think robots cannot replace human beings.

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