There is no end to advancement and growth for science which is evolving every day. There are a few phenomena which science first discarded as mere illusions or superstitions but later on with the advancement of its study and technology; it had accepted those phenomena as real and explained the logic behind them.

But still there are so many things that science cannot explain yet, but that does not mean those phenomena are unreal, illusions or just a fragment of imagination. Today we are going to have a look at those top ten unexplained phenomena in the world.

1. Naga Lights

Naga LightsIt is the weirdest phenomenon of them all whereby glowing balls rises naturally from the water of the river Mekong. They are like basketballs, and they range from a handful of ten to even hundreds at times. They appear regularly at night and rise a few hundred meters before disappearing. Several experiments were conducted but with no result or explanation.

2. Star Jelly

Star JellyThe jelly-like substance that appears on the grassy ground or branches of trees after a meteor shower is referred to as Star Jelly. It is quite difficult for the scientists to test the composition of such jelly in laboratories as they evaporate within minutes of falling into the ground.

3. Hessdalen Lights

Hessdalen LightsHessdalen lights are a natural phenomenon where floating lights of various colors can be seen floating in the sky at night in Hessdalen, Norway. Such lights are sometimes stationary, sometimes move with great speed and last for a few seconds to an hour at times. The lights can be observed a few times in a year. Scientists are absolutely clueless about its occurrence.

4. Déjà vu

Déjà vuSeveral people have claimed that when they have gone to a place they never visited before or seen a person they never met before, they felt like they had visited the place or met the person before. Some have claimed of seeing their past lives or seeing an event before it actually happened. Scientists are yet to provide a credible explanation for such weird experiences.

5. The Hum

The HumIt is a widespread phenomenon whereby a large group of people has confessed that they hear a strange humming sound of low-frequency. The strange fact is only a few people can hear it and the survey has shown that at least two percent of the total population can hear it and scientists have failed to explain it.

6. Ball Lightning

Ball LightningBall lightning is a natural phenomenon in which several people have claimed to see a spherical shaped formation during lightning or even in calm weather. Some of the evidence have been captured on camera to prove its existence. Such round formations would move in an unpredictable path and eventually explode or vanish suddenly.

7. Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death ExperiencesNear-death experiences have been reported by many people across the globe who have come back from a dying state or those just before the moment of death. They have said things like watching themselves going through a tunnel of heavenly light, meeting with their loved ones who had died and attaining a state of blissfulness. Science is yet to decode it completely with proper evidence though they have claimed it to be a mere hallucination.

8. UFOs

UFOsWith so many evidence and video tapes of flying saucers around the world, there is no denying that fact that their existence is real. For some reason, the scientific communities have deferred from explaining what they are and why they are seen in such huge frequency across the world. The infamous Roswell incident of a UFO crashing was covered up without proper explanation. It looks like scientists want this wild phenomenon to be unexplained.

9. Ghosts

GhostsScientists have denied the existence of ghosts for a long time until people caught the sighting of ghosts through cameras. Science has no clue what ghosts really are because they do not believe in souls and afterlife.

10. Dreams

DreamsThe dream is yet to have a proper and uniform explanation from the scientific fraternity. The strange fact is that everything feels real in a dream and you cannot differentiate between dream and reality unless you wake up. In the dream, time goes faster than the reality which leaves a question, is the reality, as we know it, a dream with a dream?


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