Every website can be categorized in various categories such as top educational websites, social networking websites, a website with best designs and much more. But today we are listing the top 10 websites with the highest number of visitors or highest traffic.

So here’s the list of Top 10 websites of the world with highest visitors.

1. Google.com

Google.com is one of the most popular and most used search engine. Google leads the top list of Alexa Ranking with the Page Rank 9 and it also in the top on most of the countries. It was founded by Menlo Park on 4th September 1998 in California, USA. Google has also launched the country wise local search engine along with the worldwide search. Along with the search, Google has launched the different Google Products among which Google Adsense is the most popular one. In recent days Google.com is owned by Alphabet Inc.

2. Facebook.com

Facebook.com leads the top list of top social networking sites but in term of visitors or traffic, it lands in number two position. Like Google.com, it was founded in Menlo Park, California by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4th, 2004. Generally, people use facebook.com to connect with other peoples easily and all the features that are provided by Facebook.com are totally free to expect the advertising.


Being one of the best and popular video sharing site, it ranks at the third position of the world’s top 10 best websites in terms of traffic. YouTube has over 1 billion users and hundred million of hours of the video watch time every day. YouTube is the Google Product, where you can upload your unique video and monetize it and earn from it.


Yahoo is the second most used search engine in the whole world. Yahoo also provides different other products among which Yahoo Search and Yahoo Mail are the most used. Just like Google Yahoo also provide the monetizing platform for the webmasters.

5. Amazon.com

Amazon is the electronic commerce company, which was founded by Jeff Bezos. It is divided into many divisions along the county-wise. If you are thinking about online shopping then most of the people think about Amazon.com. In just a few clicks away you can enjoy the safe and secure online shopping.

 6. Wikipedia.org

If you are looking for something, then Wikipedia is the place where you can find every information. In Wikipedia, anyone can provide the real and unique information. Google also gives the full priority to the articles on Wikipedia. Most of the peoples get to Wikipedia directly to search for information.

7. Twitter.com

Being the second top social networking site, Twitter lands on the 7th position of the top 10 world’s popular site. Here people can share their every thought with tweets. Most of the top popular celebrities use Twitter to share their daily updates.

8. MSN.com

It is the best website to get the latest updates and world news along with the sports news, weather reports, entertainment gossips and much more. MSN is also known as the biggest collection of websites and all of its services are provided by Microsoft.

9. Bing.com

Bing, powered by Microsoft, is also the search engine. These days Bing and Yahoo are working combined and is growing popular. Here you can search anything form videos, news, images to many other web results.

10. eBay

It is the second largest online e-commerce platform. Just like Amazon, eBay provides the best online buy and sell the platform. Here you can buy or sell any products like cars, automobiles, electronics, gadgets, cameras and many other products in just a few clicks away.


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