Every country welcomes a new year in their own ways and among those we have picked up the top ten weirdest celebrations around the world.

It seems very normal to the citizens of those countries but for an outsider like us, it instigates our curiosity to find out more about those traditions and the logic behind such strange activities.

1. Chile and Cemetery

Chile and CemeteryThis has to be the weirdest new year celebration of them all. In most of the places in Chile, people spend their new year eve with their dead relatives or family members in the cemetery. The cemeteries are open at 11 pm with decorations and flickering lights. They believe that on new year eve their dead near ones wait for them.

2. Finland and Molten Tin

Finland and Molten TinPeople in Finland start a new year by melting a chunk of tin and pouring it in a ladle. Then they throw it in icy cold water and once the molten tin gets hardened and takes a shape, they take out the piece and predict the upcoming year for the person according to the shape. An animal shape represents wealth, a ring shape represents wedding and likewise.

3. Peru And Fist Fight

Peru And Fist FightThis is a deadly way to welcoming a new year. In the villages, men and women gather on 31st December and they go for raw fist fights. This is due to the reason that enemies should not carry their grudges in the new year and should settle it before the year ends. If you want to see a real fight with opponents taking their frustrations out on each other, you should definitely be in Peruvian villages.

4. South Africa and Furniture

South Africa and FurnitureIn some parts of South Africa, they have this weird tradition of beginning a new year by throwing old furniture through the windows. This is done to scare the evil spirits and keep them away and make space for good luck to embrace them. If you are walking on the streets of South Africa on the eve of new year, you need to watch upwards all the time.

5. America And Kisses

America And KissesAmerican people keep it really simple. When the clock strikes the 12th hour at midnight, they start the new year by kissing their partners in a relationship. If someone does not have a partner, he or she can kiss anyone including the ex-partners to forget all the past bad memories.

6. Denmark and Plate Shattering

Denmark and Plate ShatteringPeople in Denmark start every new year by shattering all the unused glass dishes of the previous year. As if that was not weird enough, they smash the glass plates against the main door of their own house or that of their neighbors. If you happen to visit Denmark in a new year and see broken glass plates in the entrance of houses beside the street, do not be surprised.

7. South America and Underwear

South America and UnderwearPeople in South American countries like Brazil, Argentina welcome a new year by putting on colored undies. Different color of underwear represents the things one craves in the upcoming year. Golden underwear is for wealth, white underwear is for peace in life and red underwear is to find love.

8. Ecuador and Photographs

Ecuador and PhotographsPeople in Ecuador start every new year by setting fire to scarecrows at midnight. It is considered as a sign of burning the evil things or ill fortune and welcoming good luck. But the shocking fact is that the scarecrows are filled with papers and photographs of the last year.

9. Philippines And Roundness

Philippines And RoundnessPeople in the Philippines start their new year with all sorts of round things. A round thing represents a coin which is considered to be a symbol of wealth. So they eat round fruits, wear dresses with round patterns on them and even make food with round shape.

10. Mexico and Spirit

Mexico and SpiritMexico has this weird tradition of talking to spirits on the new year eve. It is said that the new year eve is the best time to talk to loved ones who have died and seek guidance to lead a better life. There are many places where it is practiced professionally.


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