The world has witnessed from various natural disasters over the centuries. So there is a list of top ten sudden deadliest natural disasters which were recorded in history. These natural disasters caused by  landslide, earthquakes,  volcanic eruption, flooding, hurricanes etc.

1.Black Death Disaster

The Black death disaster was one of the devastating resulting in a death of approximate 75 to 200 million people of Europe in the year 1346 – 1353.This was originated in the arid of central Asia and carried by oriental rat fleas living on black rats and spreading all over the Mediterranean & Europe . This disaster killed 30 to 40% of total population of Europe.

2.Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami:

     This disaster which ruins everything in 2004 known as Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis. This deadliest disaster occurred on 26 December 2004 Sunday at midnight with an epicenter of the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. This disaster results into the destruction of several areas or coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters high and also intensity was very high. Due to this detritus disaster around 230,000 people were killed. Indonesia was the most suffered country followed by Sri Lanka, Thailand and India.

3. 1783 Iceland Eruption:

Lakagígar is one of the deadliest natural disasters. Laki is a volcanic fissure in the south of Iceland. In this disaster when the volcanic eruption occurred then there was a sudden drop in global temperatures in the year between 1783 and 1784 and there was the evolution of harmful gasses as sulfur dioxide SO2 was spread into the whole atmosphere of Northern Hemisphere. This disaster caused drought and crops destruction in India. The eruption has been estimated to have killed over six million people globally

4. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake:

 San Francisco Earthquake
     In 1906 a destructive event occurred at around 5:00 am in the morning on 18th of April called as The San Francisco earthquake which struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California. Devastating fires broke out in the city that remained for several days. As a result of this deadliest earthquake and fires about 3000 people died and over 80% of San Francisco was destroyed.

5. The Great Flood:

This flood was one of the disastrous flood occurred at the end of the ice age in human history between 13,000 and 8,000 years ago. As the world’s large water bodies, great glaciers started to melt they left large freshwater lakes behind that had been desperately confined by escaping ice dams. When that ice dams breakdown then the floods that resulted in the biggest disaster in the world.

6. 1883 Eruption of Krakatoa:

     This eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia began in August in 1883. It was one of the deadliest and destructive volcanic eruption events in recorded history. In this disastrous event around two third of Krakatoa collapsed in the chain of explosions with at least 36,417 deaths being attributed to the eruption itself. And due to this volcanic disaster climatic condition effects were also felt around the whole world.

7. Spanish Flu Disaster: 

Spanish Flu Disaster

    This was one of the most deadly flu disaster which killed three to five percent of the population of the world. This flu was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic occurred in 1918. And the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus. It also infected remote Pacific islands and the Arctic and killed 50 to 100 million of them that making it one of the deadliest natural disasters recorded in human history.

8. Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011: 

     As we all know that and many of us may felt this disastrous event Japan earthquake and tsunami occurred in 2011. This was an event started with a deadly earthquake in the main island of Japan, northeastern coast of Honshu which caused widespread destruction on land and evolved a series of large tsunami waves that devastated many coastal areas of the country mostly in the Tōhoku region.

9. 2011 Tornado Outbreak:

     The tornado outbreaks one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks ever recorded in the April 2011 This disaster affected the Southern, Midwestern, and the Northeastern United States and leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake. And some other most destructed states were Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia and many other areas throughout the Southern and the Eastern United States.

10. Hurricane Katrina Disaster:

This natural disaster formed over the Bahamas on August 2005. It caused serious destruction along the Gulf coast and much of it because of the storm surge. The most significant number of deaths occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana. Approximately 80% of the city and large portion of neighboring areas became flooded and the floodwaters remained for weeks. However, the worst property damage occurred in coastal areas which were flooded over 90% in hours.


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