Every people in this world are different in many ways, they have different talents and personality. Some are extremely beautiful and some are bizarre. No one can do anything can do in this condition.

So here is the list of world’s most bizarre people.

1. The Man Who “Loved” Cars

It was Edward Smith, who once made to the headline of every newspaper when he publicly said that he had sex with his cars. He also said that he had sex with his cars more than 1000 times. This sounds crazy but it’s true. Now he is living with his girlfriend named Vanilla, which is a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

2. The Man Who Hasn’t Slept For Four Decades

Do you think, you can go for a day without sleep, I think the answer will be no. But sleeping is not for this man Hai Ngoc from Quang Nam Province. Without going with sleep has not this man famous but have known as the miracle in the scientific theory.

3. Man with His Twin Brother In His Stomach

Bhagat from Nagpur, India was taken to hospital in 1999 because he can barely breathe because of his swollen stomach. When the doctors scanned his body, they found a half-formed body in his belly which was the twin brother who was never born.

4. The Human Hammer

Being the professional wrestler and also the entertainer, Gino Martino has a supernatural power that he can smash anything through his skull. People says that is less painful if you got hit by a car than Gino’s head.

5. Girl With X-Ray Eyes

Natasha Demkina from Russia is known for the supernatural powers that she has the ability to see through peoples skins. But with the proper medical diagnoses she has cured this super power.

6. Self-Proclaimed Pope

Being the American citizen David Allen Bawden is also known as Pope Michael. He was elected by his family and himself who believed that the post of Vatican II, a catholic church. Where after the death of Pope Pius XII have no legitimate popes elected?

7. “Devil Horns” Grandmother

How would you feel when you have a horn on your forehead? Not good I think. But in 2010, a Chinese woman of 101 years made to news headlines for having a devil horn on her head.

8. Real Version of the Incredible Hulk

Romario Dos Santos Alves, a Brazilian bodybuilder was so obsessed with Hulk that he wanted to be one. So to be hulk he injected himself with the leather combination of oil and alcohol which have swollen his muscles and give him the nickname of “monster.”

9. Woman With the Smallest Waist

Twenty-six years old Michele Kobke from Germany has the world smallest waist which is only of 16 inches. Having the smallest waist than the catwalk models, she even to shrink her waist to 14 inches.

10. Woman Who Remembers Everything

Jill Price says that she remember everything from her teenage, even her daily activities such as what time she awoke, what she ate. All of these activities are stored in her brain that can easily be triggered by the location, songs or smells.


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