Despite their fame, celebrities are people just like us. And just like us, we often hear about celebrities breaking the law, sometimes with horrific consequences. As we are about to find out, however, the privileged position celebrities have in our society allows them to get reduced sentences and/or even to get away with it.
We have put together a list of the ten most horrible crimes ever committed by celebrities.

1. Salman Khan

One of the best Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been involved in two major cases – Hit-Run case of 2002 and the Black Buck hunting case. During the shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hain movie in Jodhpur Salman Khan along with their co-actors were accused of killing two chinkaras and two black bucks in 1998 for which Salman has sentenced a five-year jail sentence although the actor is currently out on bail.

2. Sanjay Dutt

 Sanjay Dutt one of the adroit actors has been the topic of discussion ever since the Supreme Court sentenced to serve a jail term of five years. Sanjay Dutt has been given a five-year sentence for having illegal weapons(9mm pistol and an AK-56 assault rifle) this linked to the 1993 serial blasts held in Mumbai that killed 257 people. Dutt was exonerated under TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act) and had already served several months in jail.The actor is currently serving a six-year jail term but is out on parole at the moment.

3. Shiney Ahuja

 Actor Shiney Ahuja was arrested on 14th June 2009 that he had consensual sex with her maid and he was sentenced to a seven-year imprisonment. In court, Maid retracted the charge and she stated that the act of sex had been consentient. However, the trial court judge denied to accept the retraction and convicted Ahuja based on circumstantial proofs. Although Shiney was granted bail a month after his conviction.

 4. Govinda

 Bollywood entertaining man Govinda who was urged by the apex court to apologize to slapping a visitor Santosh Rai while he was visiting the actor’s set in 2008. Govinda was angry when Rai misbehaved with artists on set and the women present there. Rai registered a case against the actor and he was booked under the Indian Penal Code including Sections 323, 352, 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation). Govinda has not solicited guilty and it remains to be seen if the proceedings turn out in favor of the actor.

5. Madhur Bhandarkar

He is a well known Indian movie director, script writer, and producer was arrested in 2006 for raping struggling actress Preeti Jain. Actress registered a complain that Bhandarkar had raped her sixteen times between 1999 and 2004 with a promise of casting her as an actress in his upcoming movies. Although nothing substantial was proved against him but later on Madhur Bhandarkar was released as no proof was found against him.

6. Monika Bedi 

The underworld don and prime indicted in the March 1993 Bombay serial blasts case, Abu Salem, and his companion, Monica Bedi. In September 2002, Monica Bedi and underworld don Abu Salem was sentenced to five years’ rigorous imprisonment by the Special Court of CBI.The charges of cheating, criminal conspiracy and impersonation while securing a fraud passport from Kurnool.

The magistrate examined 38 out of 63 witnesses and approx 80 documents presented by the prosecution before delivering the judgment. She was awarded five years for cheating and three years each for conspiracy and imitation.Today Bedi is a free woman . She says she feels like a “free bird” now.

7.  Saif Ali Khan

 Nawab Saif Ali Khan was charged for assaulting an NRI businessman from South Africa named Iqbal Sharma at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. According to Sharma, Saif Ali Khan  with his  friends  were reportedly dining at the restaurant when he had a fight  with Iqbal Sharma. Sharma was  next to a table where Khan was eating dinner.
Sharma  went to Khan and asked him to lower his voice, because  the noise from his table was interrupting him. He said when Saif did not stop they were moving to an another place and as they crossed each other at a passage Saif directed abuses and started beating him up. But Saif said he is a law-abiding citizen. It was Sharma who started the fight and now he is lying with a straight face. I was  simply acting in self-defence. But at the end, the actor was given bail.

8. Shahrukh Khan

 As we all know that Shahrukh is Badshah of Bollywood industry. SRK seems to be the Badshah of controversies too which seem endless. Last year in 2012, Shahrukh Khan had an argument with the Maharashtra Cricket Association officials. The Maharashtra Cricket Association officials, on the other hand, accused Khan of engaging in a noisy fight with them.
Shahrukh’s kids Suhana and Aryan were present at the stadium to see an IPL match between their SRK team Kolkata Knight Riders and the Mumbai Indians.  After KKR won, everyone was enthusiastic. But the sensation of victory soon turned into a nightmare when Shahrukh got into a fight with the officials. Shahrukh Khan has been banned from the stadium for five years.

9. John Abraham

 John Abraham is an Indian film actor and a former model. Bollywood infatuation John was sent to jail for rash driving in 2006. A case was filed against him following an accident. On October 14, 2010, the Metropolitan Magistrate Court at Bandra convicted him for the driving incident in which two persons were injured and sentenced him to a period of 15 days jail.

10. Honey Singh

One of the most famous Punjabi rapper Honey Singh has been slammed for vulgar and offensive lyrics demeaning women. A FIR was filed against rapper Honey Singh for offensive lyrics in some of his songs. In his complaint, Thakur alleged that the songs were intensely vulgar, salacious and indecent and act as an offensive catalyst for crime against women”.


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